• The Sentinel mounts rigidly to the Talon SRX without spacers or insulating pads, using two Talon-SRX supplied 4-40 screws.
  • Input wires can be soldered directly to pads on the breakout board, or you may install header or quick-connect terminal blocks onto the breakout board by soldering them into the through-holes provided (on .1 inch centers).
  • Wires are secured by threading them through wire retention holes, if desired.
  • Accepts all type of encoders; open collector output, push-pull output, and PWM Index (single-turn absolute position encoders that work by pulse width modulating the Index input).
  • Includes internal pull-up resistors for the A/B/I encoder inputs
  • Compatible with all Talon SRX models including version 1.4

Encoder Inputs and Travel Limit Switches

  • Encoder inputs supported: A, B, and Index
  • Encoder power provided = 5VDC @ 40mA
  • Includes internal pull-up resistors for the A/B/I encoder inputs
  • Status lights on all digital inputs and supply voltages; 7 lights in total included
    • 5VDC from Talon SRX present = green LED
    • 3.3VDC from Talon SRX present = green LED
    • Encoder A input low = amber LED
    • Encoder B input low = amber LED
    • Encoder Index input low = amber LED (can also be used with a PWM-style absolute encoder; brightness indicates approximate shaft angle)
    • Motor Limit FWD input low = red LED
    • Motor Limit REV input low = red LED

Analog Inputs

  • Analog power provided = 3.3VDC or 5VDC @ 20mA, selected by solder jumper SJ-2
  • Very high impedance analog input that is buffered and scalable 0-3.3V or 0-5V by a solder jumper SJ-1

Used With

  • Talon SRX Speed Controller (am-2854)
  • CIMcoder (am-3314)
  • E4T OEM Miniature Optical Encoder Kit (am-3132)
  • Hall Effect Two Channel Encoder (am-2816a)
  • Absolute Encoder with Cable (am-2899); connect to analog power and input 0-5VDC
  • NeveRest and PG series Gearmotors with encoders (various am-xxxx numbers)
  • WAGO 233-510 or similar quick-connect terminal strip available from Newark, etc.